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THE MAGIC CHAIR is an online community dedicated to stories about disability.

The project was created by a small group of storytellers and educators who believe that telling stories (and listening carefully to them) is how we learn about ourselves, others, the world around us, and our place in it.

Guided by our motto, “nothing about us without us,” THE MAGIC CHAIR aims to share stories created by individuals with disabilities, their family members, friends, and educators. THE MAGIC CHAIR offers a safe space for you to tell your stories—the good, the bad, and the ugly. We believe that sharing stories is the best first step in understanding ourselves, one another, and the diverse world in which we live.

Through this project, we aim to change the discussion around disability and, ultimately, to change the world. Naïve? Perhaps. Ambitious? Certainly. Doable? Only with your help. Please join us!

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St. Declan’s and THE MAGIC CHAIR

We understand that sharing your stories might be difficult (and SCARY!) so, in addition to asking for your stories, we are sharing some of our own. First up is “St. Declan’s and THE MAGIC CHAIR”, a moving documentary film made with and about the children of St. Declan’s School in Dublin, Ireland.

At St. Declan’s School, children can often be found sitting in a “magic chair” awaiting understanding and support; awaiting compassion and the individual attention they need to grow and thrive. At St. Declan’s School they get it, and our film invites you along as we spend a year with the children and teachers of a remarkable school.

A student at St. Declan’s School in Dublin, Ireland

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How Do I Get Involved?

THE MAGIC CHAIR project launches in 2023 with the release of the documentary film “St. Declan’s and THE MAGIC CHAIR”. The launch of our fully-featured site is scheduled for FALL 2023. During the countdown to launch – and release of the film – here’s how you can get involved:

Sign up for our email list to receive monthly updates on the project, including sneak peaks of exclusive content, storytelling prompts, and interviews with THE MAGIC CHAIR team and community.

Follow us on social media for announcements, updates, and opportunities to connect.

Tell your stories! Write a story, poem, or essay, make a video, take a photo, or create some artwork to make your voice heard. Then, use our submissions form to send it our way. Your story could be the next featured entry on THE MAGIC CHAIR website!

Need help telling your story? Reach out directly to us at info@themagicchair.org and we’ll share some information with you. And one day soon – with your help– we plan to offer storytelling seminars beyond our own backyard of Southern California.

Donate to THE MAGIC CHAIR. Our wide scope and outreach is thanks to the generosity of donors and partners. Particularly during our rollout period, we rely on donations to fund the majority of our expenses. If the project and its mission speak to you, please consider making a donation to THE MAGIC CHAIR through link below. Please be sure to specify “THE MAGIC CHAIR Project – School of Film and Television” in the “Additional Gift Instructions” box. THE MAGIC CHAIR Project is sponsored by Loyola Marymount University, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Therefore, your contributions are tax deductible.